BAKU: Position of Azerbaijan explained at conference & meetings in

Azer Tag, Azerbaijan State Info Agency
May 19 2004

[May 19, 2004, 14:34:24]

On May 16, the parliamentary delegation headed by chairman of Milli
Majlis Murtuz Alaskarov, has arrived in Strasbourg for participation
in conference of the chairmen of assemblies of the European
Parliament on the topic “Civil Europe – participation of parliaments
and citizens”.

The meeting of chairmen of parliaments of the Southern Caucasus
countries was held on 17 May. At the meeting, discussed were issues
of cooperation of Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia. Chairman of the
parliament of Armenia has put forward an idea of adjustment of
cooperation between the countries of Southern Caucasus and creation
of joint parliamentary assembly of these countries. The Azerbaijan
side, explaining the position concerning the question, has stated
that our country, in fact, is not against such cooperation.

It has been marked that Azerbaijan has adjusted very good relations
with the next Russia, Turkey and Georgia. And as to Armenia, if this
country will refuse the aggressive policy and will return the
occupied Azerbaijan lands, only in this case it is possible to speak
about any cooperation with it. And consequently the Azerbaijan side
has made resolute protest against the offer of chairman of the
parliament of Armenia on creation of joint Parliamentary Assembly of
the countries of Southern Caucasus.

On May 18, in the residence of the Council of Europe was held a
conference on the topic “Is our democracy democratic?” Chairman Milli
Majlis Murtuz Alaskarov made remarks the conference.

Having noted, that after gaining state independence our country has
selected the way of integration to Europe, chairman of parliament
Murtuz Alaskarov has told: Azerbaijan has great potential to deepen
democracy. This potential is enriched with centuries-old traditions
and tolerance of our people, he stressed. For the last years, in
Azerbaijan radical political, economic, social-legal reforms have
been conducted, the notable achievements in restoration of the
European values, creation of democratic institutes in maintenance of
the rights and freedom of the person, transition to market economy
were reached.

He has emphasized that one third of clauses of the new Constitution
of Azerbaijan adopted in 1995 is devoted to maintenance of the rights
and freedom of the person. In our country, tens political parties
function. Censorship has been cancelled. There is an independent TV
and radio displaying all sides of political life of Azerbaijan.
Consecutive work is being carried out in the field of maintenance of
the rights of national minorities, freedom of faith, more than 600
nongovernmental public organizations have been registered in the

Chairman of Azerbaijan Parliament has especially emphasized that one
of the important steps undertaken by our state in the field of
protection of human rights, is adoption in 1993 of the moratorium on
application of death penalty and cancellation for the first time in
the East in 1998 of this kind of punishment. In the country, radical
judicial reforms have been carried out and the three-stage judicial
system created. Penitentiary system was harmonized with the European
standards. On the basis of multi-party system democratic, fair, free,
transparent presidential, parliamentary and municipal elections were
repeatedly carried out. In 2001, Azerbaijan became a full member of
the Council of Europe.

Chairman of Milli Majlis has told: “Our country confidently marches
ahead on the way of deepening of democracy. As the head of Azerbaijan
State Ilham Aliyev in April, in the spring session of Parliamentary
Assembly of the Council of Europe has stated, Azerbaijan will never
change the way of construction of a democratic, legal, civil society.

In detail informing on the historical roots and heavy consequences of
the Armenia-Azerbaijan, Nagorny Karabakh conflict, Chairman of
Azerbaijan Parliament has emphasized that as a result of this
conflict the one fifth of the Country’s territory up today is under
occupation, one million people, that is each eighth inhabitant is
refugee and IDP. The Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict continuing more than
a decade, certainly, delays the process of democratic transformations
that renders negative influence not only on these countries, but also
to all Southern Caucasus. The occupied lands of Azerbaijan have
turned to uncontrollable zone. They became the center for preparation
of terrorists, cultivation of narcotics, burial places of radioactive
wastes, trade of the weapon and people. However, we are sure, that
the victory will triumph and that this heavy problem for Azerbaijan
will be solved by peace way according to all norms and principles of
international law, and the main thing, on the basis of principles of
inviolability of borders and territorial integrity of borders of the

Statement of the Chairman of Azerbaijan Parliament has been listened
with attention and interest.


The meeting of chairmen of parliaments of the GUUAM countries also
was held in Strasbourg. At the meeting attended by Georgia, Ukraine,
Azerbaijan and Moldova, discussed were the questions of preparation
for constituent conference in connection with creation of
parliamentary assemblies of member-countries of this international

The vice-president of parliament of Ukraine, chairmen of parliaments
of Georgia and Moldova have noted special role of GUUAM, created in
1997, in development and strengthening of relations between the these
member-countries, have emphasized necessity of creation of
Parliamentary Assembly of the structure.

Speaking at the sitting, Chairman of Milli Majlis Murtuz Alaskarov
has noted, that two more years back during his visit to Ukraine he
has drawn attention to the initiative of the Azerbaijan on creation
of Parliamentary Assembly of the GUUAM countries. And, since we
support this offer, he stressed.

During the discussions, exchanged were opinions on definition of
place and date of carrying out of constituent conference. The sides
came to a consensus to conduct the conference in second half of
September in the capital of Ukraine, Kiev, or in Yalta.

At the conferences and meetings participating was the head of the
permanent mission of Azerbaijan at the Council of Europe, ambassador
Agshin Mehdiyev.