ARKA News Agency – 05/18/2004

ARKA News Agency
May 18, 2004

The U.S. will follow development of political situation in Armenia

The USA State Department report: RA Government policy pursued in the
area of human right in Armenia is still not satisfactory

“Golden Apricot” International Cinema Festival to be held in Yerevan
on 30 June – 4 July 2004



YEREVAN, May, 18. /ARKA/. The U.S. will follow development of
political situation in Armenia, the U.S. Department of State
Coordinator on Assistance to European and Eurasian Countries,
Co-Chairman of Armenian-American Working Group on Economic
Cooperation Carlos Pasqual stated today. According to him, it is
determined with the process of realization of program “Millennium
Challenges” that is based on 6 basic indicators – continuation of
fight against corruption, provision of political freedoms, protection
of civil freedoms, productive administration, establishment of law
priority, freedom of speech. He said that existing political
situation already affected the process of inclusion of Armenia in the
program. L.D. –0–



YEREVAN, May, 18. /ARKA/. The RA Government policy pursued in the
area of human right in Armenia is still not satisfactory, according
to the report on Encouragement of Human Rights and Democracy: the
Activities of the USA, published on May 17 by the US State
Department. According to the report, notwithstanding some
improvements in some areas, serious problems still exist. According
to the report, the RA President Kocharian, was reelected through
legally disputable elections in 2003 and the elections were violated
by many serious blunders, as a consequence of which the elections
were not in line with international standards. Some workers of
law-enforcement structures infringed human rights. Information about
unjustified arrests was received. And one of the main problems is
their detention for a long time before court hearings. According to
the report, reforms of penitentiary system were conducted in Armenia,
but the conditions of detention of the arrested were not
satisfactory. The Executive power exerted pressure on judges, and
some of them were corrupted. Mass Media was also under pressure, and
limitations were put on the right to assemblies, associations and
preaching. There was a problem of social violence against women.
There was a problem of trafficking in human, for the settlement of
which the Government took some measures.
According to the report, the US Strategy on human rights and
democracy issues is still focused on fundamental issues, including
the necessity in elections in line with international standards,
development of civic society, observance of the human rights and law,
judiciary reforms, observance of right to freedom to be exercised by
mass media, as well as observance of the right to free assemblies,
preaching, increasing the transparency of the Government and struggle
against trafficking in human. The aid of the USA for the
implementation of this strategy made $ 22,4 mln in 2003, about $12,2
mln. of which were assigned for financing programs on education and
exchange on the US territory.
The report on Encouragement of Human Rights and Democracy: the
Activities of the USA and required by the Congress, states of the
efforts of the USA to encourage human rights and democracy processes
in 92 countries. It supplements the annual reports on human rights of
the US State Department in separate countries.
“We make long -term and important investments in democracy, -as
written by Colin Powell, the US State Secretary, in the preface of
the report – we work with NGOs, religious groups, opposition parties,
minorities, and trade unions movements for the development of dynamic
civic societies”. A.H. -0–


ON 30 JUNE – 4 JULY 2004

YEREVAN, May 18. /ARKA/. From 30 June thru 4 July 2004 “Golden
Apricot” International Cinema Festival will be held in Yerevan. The
purpose of the Festival is stimulating Armenian producers to reveal
new creative forces in the cinema and video art, to demonstrate
Armenian films in the frames of joint programs on the Festival. As
told by Harutyun Khachatryan, Film Director, representatives of 16
countries to take part in the Festival. Among the invited will be
Atom Egoyan (Canada), Robert Gedikian and Serge Avedikian (France),
Arthur Aristakesyan and Alexei Muratov (Russia), Yervand Janikian
(Italy). 55 films of 5 categories – full fiction, short fiction,
documentary, animation and debut will participate in the competition.
During 5 days 80 films, including beyond the competition, will be
shown. In the frames of ou-of-competition program the spectators also
will be able to watch retrospective films devoted to Charles
Aznavour’s 80th anniversary and Sergei Parajanov, as well as there
will be demonstration of new Russian, Swedish, German, Bulgarian and
Italian films under slogan “Yerevan Premiers”. The Armenian cinema
should be taken beyond Armenia as this is the art that can easily
present the country.
The festival is sponsored by Union of Manufacturers and Entrepreneurs
of Armenia that involved in seeking sponsors among businessmen. T.M.