Glasgow Daily Record, UK
May 19 2004


Champ Scott turns to underwater training
By Hugh Keevins

SCOTT HARRISON has been working under water in a bid to triumph on
dry land.

The WBO world featherweight champion has been punching in a pool as
he prepares for his title defence against William Abelyan on June 19.

He turned to the unusual rehabilitation technique after damaging the
bicep in his right arm.

Now he’s vowed to make a real splash and give US-based Armenian
Abelyan the hammering of a lifetime in their rescheduled fight at
Braehead Arena.

Harrison’s father and trainer, Peter, said: ‘The injury was sustained
doing every-day push-ups on the training bars.

‘But Scott could come back stronger than before because of the work
he’s been doing at the sports rehabilitation centre at Hampden. He’s
been punching under water and that resistance work is strengthening
his arm.’

Harrison has also been putting in some tough training sessions on
the hills as he prepares to get into the ring with Abelyan.

Their original meeting in March was postponed when the challenger
injured his arm and the Scot had to fight South American Walter
Estrada as a late replacement.

Last night Harrison said: ‘Now I’m ready to go. I’m sure this will
be a case of third time lucky for me but it will be no such thing
for Abelyan because he’s going to get the hammering of a lifetime.

‘The injury was unfortunate and happened at a bad time because my
training was going so well. But now I’m back in the gym and the arm
feels great again. I’ve started punching and, if anything, it feels
a lot stronger.

‘The rest and treatment have done me the world of good and I can’t
wait to get it on with Abelyan.’

Harrison senior has been poring over video footage of the little-known
opponent and has arrived at the conclusion the challenger has more
nuisance value than star quality.

The trainer said: ‘Armenians based in the States aren’t big box office
so he won’t have fought on many big shows.

‘Abelyan says he won’t be intimidated by the 5000-capacity crowd at
Braehead Arena but I can assure you it will have an affect on him.

‘Some people on the other side of the Atlantic try to tell you they
don’t where Scotland is on the map, so how can they be frightened?
Then they feel the passion of the ticket-buying public and there is
a sudden change of mind.

‘Abelyan will come here to steal the fight with counter-punching. All
of the commentators over there describe him as the kind of fighter
you would want to avoid.

‘He is awkward enough to make you look bad and can bang a bit if he
gets the chance.

‘But I don’t believe he can be a harder target to hit than Manuel

It was the Mexican who gave Harrison only the second professional
defeat of his career last July and relieved him of his title.

Revenge was taken in November and the double header has convinced
Harrison senior the champion will not relinquish his crown a second

He said: ‘Nobody can be more awkward than Medina. He was so
unpredictable in his movements.’