BAKU: Azeri leader, EU officials meet in Brussels, discuss Karabakh

Azeri leader, EU officials meet in Brussels, discuss Karabakh

ANS TV, Baku
18 May 04

[Presenter] Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev, who is on a visit to
Brussels, has started his official meetings. To recap, the visit by
the Azerbaijani leader to this country mainly aims to discuss the
enlargement of bilateral cooperation with the EU leadership. ANS’s
special correspondent in Brussels, Qanira Pasayeva, is on the
line. Hello Qanira. Good afternoon. Here you are.

[Correspondent, on the phone] Good afternoon, Leyla. First,
President Ilham Aliyev met EU Enlargement Commissioner Gunter
Verheugen. Azerbaijan’s integration into Europe and the policy
of Europe’s neighbours, that is Azerbaijan and the South Caucasus
countries are among them, and the Nagornyy Karabakh problem were
discussed during the meeting.

The most interesting meeting was held later with European Commission
President Romano Prodi. The sides gave a joint briefing for the
press after a 45-minute tete-a-tete meeting. Prodi said they focused
on Europe’s neighbourhood policy. He went on to say that they
accepted Azerbaijan as following this policy, that is the policy
of Europe’s neighbours. The South Caucasus countries were invited
[word indistinct]. According to him, that was his first meeting with
Aliyev and they will establish continuous and full cooperation with
Azerbaijan. He said that they supported Azerbaijan’s admission to the
World Trade Organization and other reforms launched in the country. He
said that they had discussed these issues widely with President Aliyev.

Prodi said that the European Union was concerned about the Nagornyy
Karabakh problem, because the conflict has not been resolved for
10 years. Unfortunately, there is no peace and we want the OSCE
Minsk Group to reach some results in the solution to this problem,
Prodi said. According to him, a solution should be found in order to
reach peace between the states and neighbours. Friendship should be
cultivated among the states neighbouring us. However, the international
public should be involved in this issue and resolve the problem. That’s
all Leyla.

[Presenter] Thanks, Qanira.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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