Armenian dissidents go on hunger strike in Baku

Armenian dissidents go on hunger strike in Baku

May 18 2004

Baku. (Interfax-Azerbaijan) – Two Armenian dissidents have gone
on a hunger strike in Baku to protest international organizations’
disregard for their request for political refuge in “a third country,”
the Azerbaijani National Security Ministry told Interfax on Monday.

They said they would continue their protest until the United Nations’
Baku office fulfills their request.

On April 8, Artur Apresian and Roman Terian, both born in Baku,
illegally arrived in Baku through Turkey. They argued that they had
done this to demonstrate their disagreement with the policy pursued
by the Armenian leadership, headed by President Robert Kocharian.

So far, not a single international organization accredited in Baku
has given a definitive response to the Armenians’ request for being
moved to “third countries.”