Freedom To Political Prisoners!


A1 Plus | 15:27:27 | 17-05-2004 | Politics |

Civil Will For and Against organization staged a series of protest
actions last week. This week as well started with the organization-held
protest action outside the General Prosecutor’s Office in Yerevan.

The demands remain the same – to release political prisoners. The
action participants say they are determined to continue their
struggle until all political prisoners are released. The protesters
told journalists they found National Assembly Vice-Speaker Tigran
Torossyan’s recent statement that there are no political prisoners
in Armenia ridiculous and showed a list of 14 people.

Gemma Galstyan, mother of Republic party member and political prisoner
Suren Surenyants, took part in the action. She said her son has
health problems.

“I am being denied meeting with my son, because of, as they say,
a special order given by Prosecutor General”, she said.

By the end of the action, protesters sent a paper with the demand
signed by 1,700 citizens.