ANKARA: Mardin hosts Abrahamic religion & peace symposium


Cumhuriyet, Turkey
May 14 2004

Mardin yesterday hosted a seminar on “Religion and Peace in Light
of the Prophet Abraham” organized by the Intercultural Dialogue
Platform. Among those attending were Interior Minister Abdulkadir
Aksu, Fener Greek Patriarch Bartholomeos, Istanbul Chief Rabbi Ishak
(Yitzhak) Haleva, Eastern Orthodox Cardinal Ignace Moussa Daoud,
Turkish Armenian Patriarch Mesrob II and Religious Affairs Directorate
deputy head Muhammed Sevki Aydin. The symposium started with the Muslim
call to prayer and continued with hymns sung by a chorus with Muslim,
Jewish and Christian members. /Cumhuriyet/

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

Emil Lazarian

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