The message of NKR President


Azat Artsakh – Republic of Nagorno Karabakh (NKR)
May 10, 2004

May 9 is a great holiday for our country. This day has always been dear
to our nation. Not very long ago on May 9 we celebrated the victory of
our common homeland against fascist Germany in the Great Patriotic War,
a war where every second soldier from Artsakh was killed. However,
12 years ago May 9 acquired a special meaning for us becoming fatal
for the Armenians of Artsakh. On this day Shoushi was liberated again
becoming Armenian, as it should be. Shoushi was liberated by the NKR
Defence Army which surprised the world with its valor and military
efficiency, and on this day it also celebrates the day of its creation
on May 9. By the liberation of Shoushi the â^À^ÜRoad of Lifeâ^À^Ý
to Armenia was opened saving the people of Artsakh from the danger
of physical extermination. This is the essence of the liberation of
Shoushi. It is very symbolic that we celebrate these three holidays
on the same day. This coincidence incarnates the succession of
generations. The glorious military traditions of the grandfathers and
fathers, who worked miracles of courage and valor during World War II,
were duly continued by the new generation of the people of Artsakh,
who obtained and defended the freedom and independence of Artsakh in
the battles with the enemy exceeding them in number and arms. Glory
to the martyrs for the happy future of Artsakh. The duty of us the
living is not to let the blood shed by them be in vain. Glory to our
veterans of war. The government of the republic will continue to keep
in the center of attention their needs and cares. The NKR Defence
Army formed in the furnace of the struggle for independence continues
to be the most reliable guarantor of the security of the Republic of
Nagorni Karabakh and its people. Today when in Azerbaijan they try to
hinder the course of history cherishing revanchist hopes to solve the
problem of Karabakh by force, we have no right to weaken the military
building, we must equip the army with modern weapons, maintain the
rates of improvement of military skills. At the same time once again
I declare with full responsibility that the NKR Defence Army is the
army of peace. Its priority was and remains the defence of Nagorni
Karabakh and its population from external aggression. Be sure that our
army is ready to counterattack the enemy at any moment if it dares to
disturb our peaceful life and encroach upon our independence. Dear
fellow countrymen, the May holidays overlap with another important
event; 10 years ago in the area of the Karabakh conflict Azerbaijan,
Nagorni Karabakh and Armenia signed the agreement on cease-fire. At
that time Azerbaijan had to recognize Nagorni Karabakh as a conflict
party and signed the cease-fire with Karabakh due to the success
of our army. And if the cease-fire is maintained up today, the
main role in this belongs to the power of the NKR army defending
our homeland. Therefore, our army is one of the active guarantees
for the maintenance of the peaceful process of the regulation of the
conflict. I want to assure you that the NKR government is as formerly
loyal to peaceful regulation of the Karabakh conflict. Dear people of
Artsakh, I congratulate you on our Victory. I wish all of us peace,
well-being and happiness.