Handing over “liberated lands” to Azeris senseless – Armenian foreig

Handing over “liberated lands” to Azeris senseless – Armenian foreign minister

Public Television of Armenia, Yerevan,
13 May 04

The discussion of the handing over of the seven liberated territories
from the Armenian side to the Azerbaijani side is senseless. Armenian
Foreign Minister Vardan Oskanyan announced in an interview with the
Radio Liberty.

He said that no agenda for the meeting between the Armenian and
Azerbaijani foreign ministers has been confirmed. So, any issue can
be discussed.

Vardan Oskanyan did not clarify that the Azerbaijani side will try to
include in to the discussion the handing- over of the territories,
which was spoken about recently in Baku. Oskanyan also noted that
the Armenian side will also introduce some issues to the discussion.

The minister stressed that it is impossible to forget that the
Armenian and Azerbaijani presidents met recently, which they assessed
as positive. The presidents announced that they will instruct the
two countries’ foreign ministers also to cooperate in the same path
during the meeting.

Vardan Oskanyan expressed hope that the foreign ministers’ negotiations
will be continued. Vardan Oskanyan also stressed that Armenia is also
for the settlement, as soon as possible, of the Karabakh conflict. This
is one of the main issues of the Armenian diplomacy.