Government of Ardzinba starts persecuting Georgian minding people

Government of Ardzinba starts persecuting Georgian – minding people

Batumi News
May 14 2004

On the statement of Tamaz Nadareishvili, ex Chairman of the Abkhazian
Supreme Council, the power wielding structures of the de facto
government of Sokhumi started with the search operations, to identify
the individuals who appeared in the streets of Sokhumi with the five
cross Georgian national flags.

He said it should be a very significant rally, as the government
structures got involved in the searches. Nadareishvili said the
rally was not a spontaneous one, on the reports, the contacts and
consultations are being kept with certain individuals, however,
for the security measures, their identity is kept in secrecy.

Nadareishvili rules out the Inal Kazan, a US citizen has his hand in
the processes. Regarding Armenians, living in Sokhumi, Nadareishvili
said their stance will depend on the official stance of Armenia. “In
the past, Armenians got a hint to back Abkhazians, and now, like
soberly thinking Abkhazians, they do see that Abkhazia is at the
verge of a disaster and they are confused.

Thereby, Georgian government should provide active works with the
Armenian government, to ensure their, if not supporting, than at
least neutral stance”, – Nadareishvili thinks.

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