BAKU: Condoleeza Rice to discuss in Moscow the issues of settlement

Azer Tag, Azerbaijan State Info Agency
May 13 2004

[May 13, 2004, 18:11:09]

As correspondent of AzerTAj informs, in the weekend, Ms. Condoleezza
Rice, the US President Aide for National Security will make a visit
to Russia and Germany. At the briefing which has been carried out
before the trip, Ms. Rice informed, that the question of settlement
of the Armenia-Azerbaijan, Nagorny Karabakh conflict also would be
in the focus during dialogue between the USA and Russia. Answering
question of the correspondent of AzerTAj, she has emphasized, that
this delayed conflict renders negative influence on political and
economic development of both countries – Azerbaijan and Armenia,
as a whole, creates obstacles to progress of region. C. Rice has
told: “All of us regretted concerning uncertainly of the Nagorny
Karabakh conflict. Some time back we believed, that we are on a way
of settlement. We worked above it much. The meeting has taken place
in Florida. It was visible, that work is carried out in a correct
direction. On negotiations with the Russian side we would like to
carry out discussions how us again to return to the given direction.”

The USA is going to continue serious dialogue with Russia, Ms. Rice
has stated. The summons of negotiations will consist not only of
the questions interesting both sides. Also exchange of opinions
on development of process of peace talks on the Near East, joint
efforts in antiterrorist struggle, construction of democratic Iraq
will be carried out. Despite of presence in the past of disagreements
between us in the question of Iraq, now the basic purpose consists
in achievement of success in this area. Stable and democratic Iraq
is equitable to interests of all.

The most part of dialogue with Russia will be devoted to power
questions. By words of Condoleezza Rice, in the name of the future
of economic it is necessary to think of reliable sources of energy.