Armenia A New EU Neighbor


A1 Plus | 15:29:58 | 14-05-2004 | Official |

Armenian FM Vardan Oskanyan received Christoff Bergner, Yorg Tauss,
Lydia Westrich and Ulla Heller, the members of “South Caucasus”
multi-party MP group of Germany Bundestag.

The interlocutors have underlined importance of the decision recently
made by European Commission, under which Armenia and other South
Caucasus states are enrolled in “Wider Europe and New Neighbors”
of European Union.

Bundestag MPs stated that the group they had established as well
supported making the above decision as it stressed integration of South
Caucasus into the European structures as a joint and complete element.

The present phase of Karabakhi conflict settlement was referred to
during the meeting. At request of MPs Minister Oskanyan introduced
the impressions of his negotiations with Azerbaijani Foreign Minister
Mamediarov in Strasburg.