Ukraine-Armenia trade grows 14 times in 2003

Ukraine-Armenia trade grows 14 times in 2003
By Vitaly Matarykin

ITAR-TASS News Agency
May 11, 2004 Tuesday

KIEV, May 11 — The Ukraine-Armenia trade enlarged by 1.4 times in
2003, and doubled in January-March 2004 as compared to the first
quarter of last year, Ukrainian Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovich
said at a joint press conference with Armenian counterpart Andranik
Margaryan on Tuesday.

The press conference followed a sitting of the bilateral cooperation

Yanukovich said trade had intensified within a brief period. Ukraine
is interested in the construction and modernization of industrial
facilities in Armenia, he said.

Armenia will buy or lease several dozens of Ukrainian tractors before
the end of this year, Margaryan said. Yerevan will also consider
using Ukrainian cargo planes. Armenia and Ukraine will intensify
cooperation in tourism.

Trade between Ukraine and Armenia neared $60 million in 2003.