European Union Laying Claims To “Politburo”

A1 Plus | 17:31:16 | 12-05-2004 | Politics |


European Parliament member, Swede Pier Garthon has today referred
to the recent statement of President Robert Kocharyan that Council
of Europe is not a “Politburo”, so it is not obligatory to fulfill
its demands.

“Of course, CE is not a “Politburo”. But European Union is closer to
be the Political Bureau. The organization has the right to command
to its member-states over various issues”, Garthon said.

Garthon had decided that Armenia must learn this to finally clarify
– whether it wishes to join EU or not. In response to it Armenian
Parliament Vice-Speaker Tigran Torosyan stated European integration
for Armenia is beyond alternative.

Armenia is the CE member for 3 years whereas projects are made and
versions are discussed on how Armenia can join EU, too.

“Wider Europe” program gives Armenia that chance. An attempt will be
made to enroll South Caucasus, too.

During presentation of “Wider Europe” program Pier Garthon made an
interesting statement. It turns European Union “doors” will be open for
3 South Caucasus states – Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan only in case
that Turkey joins EU, too. “Turkey’s participation is a precondition or
else South Caucasus participation in the program won’t be discussed”.

Pier Garthon states Turkey doesn’t yet meet all the EU requests but
it “improves”. Turkey is demanded to recognize the Armenian Genocide
and to cease blockade against Armenia to become an EU member.

“European Union won’t accept a state with local or regional conflicts.
Cyprus was a bad precedent and we won’t make the same mistake again”,
Garthon says.