Armenian president’s visit to Lebanon completed

Armenian president’s visit to Lebanon completed

Public Television of Armenia, Yerevan
12 May 04

[Presenter] The Armenian president’s visit to Lebanon is over. The main
subject of President Kocharyan’s negotiations in Lebanon was economic
cooperation. Armenia is ready to create favourable conditions for
activating Lebanese-Armenian relations. During the meeting with the
Armenian community in Lebanon, Robert Kocharyan promised to assist
the Lebanese Armenian businessmen.

[Correspondent Lilit Setrakyan from Beirut, by phone] Armenian
president met today with the representatives of the Armenian
community. The president first of all presented the country’s economic
situation, investment spheres, noting that these spheres should be
promising: banking system, tourism, jewellery and light industry.

Robert Kocharyan also touched upon the settlement of the Karabakh
problem and expressed satisfaction about that the talks have been
started with the Azerbaijani president Ilham Aliyev. Speaking about
the development of the relations with the diaspora, the president
noted that the commission’s agreements are being implemented.

Stressing the importance of communications with the motherland he
noted the expansion of Armenian Public TV’s broadcast from Australia
to America. Robert Kocharyan assured the Lebanese Armenians that the
country is strong, situation is stable and has the GDP growth and
the power is doing everything to maintain the stability.

The president also confirmed that Armenia will continue improving
the investment atmosphere in the future as well.

After the meeting with Lebanese Armenians, the president’s working
visit was completed by a meeting with Lebanese Deputy Premier Isam

President Robert Kocharyan will return to Yerevan this evening.