Human Rights Violation Derails Democratization


A1 Plus | 19:36:12 | 11-05-2004 | Politics |

“Violence and election fraud have become dangerously commonplace in
our country and all illegalities are being committed amid growing
informational blockade”, said participants of For and Against Civil
Will forum held by 40 organizations on Tuesday in Yerevan.

Karen Hakobyan, a member of Hope organization, is convinced the time
came, when each citizen must feel himself guilty for the situation

Chair of Armenian Helsinki Association Avetik Ishkhanyan says the
community let the authorities ruin the whole nation.

Today, the forum came up with a statement saying human rights violation
derailed democratization process in Armenia and illegalities committed
by the authorities created the atmosphere of impunity in the republic.

In their statement, the forum participants demanded to release all
political prisoners, to prosecute all those officials, who violated
constitutional law, provide right for receiving information to citizens
and to return broadcasting license to A1+ TV Company.