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Upon the instructions of His Eminence Bishop Bagrat Galstanian, the Canadian
Youth Mission to Armenia (CYMA) executive has designed this yearâ^À^Ùs program


Dear Friends,

I am elevated by the honor, privilege and joy to address the
participants of CYMA 2004, who are going to accomplish CYMA’s 11th
mission to Armenia. To me, CYMA implies dedication, courage and a
future giant step towards strengthening our Christian identity and
Armenian integrity.

During my almost one year tenure as the Primate of this Diocese,
I have visited our parishes established and mission alike. At those
visitations I have met with wonderful enthusiastic young people who
once have participated in CYMA’s various missions in Armenia and now
they assume responsible rolls in their respective parishes.

CYMA is a movement that shall never end. It is a movement which
creates a sense of belonging; it is a movement which bridges the
Diaspora with Hayastan in a practical manner.

There is no talk, there is only action in Canadian Youth Mission to
Armenia, to the Mother See Holy ETCHMIADZIN.

Dear CYMA participants,

I call you as pilgrims. You are going home – ARMENIA, to bring
flavor and fragrance of our country to Canada, becoming apostles for
the prosperity of our Nation and Holy Church. Bless You.

As the spiritual leader of the Armenian Church in Canada, I ask
from my people to encourage your sons’ and daughters’ mission
spiritually, morally and financially, supporting them on the verge
of becoming new apostles of our Holy Church,

Hayastan and the Diaspora.

With Love and Prayer,
Bp. Bagrat Galstanyan


Contact your local recruitment office today or simply e-mail us
for an application form at [email protected]. We look forward
to answering any of your questions.

2004 will mark the 11th mission of the Canadian Youth Mission to Armenia

To date, over 400 people have participated in this program, making
it one of the most successful youth programs throughout the Armenian
community worldwide.


“Last year’s trip meant a lot to me. I was given the opportunity to
live and experience how Armenians have lived for many years. It was
very educational and emotional, I still speak of it to this day. I
can’t wait to go back and do it all over again. This trip really
put in perspective who Armenians are and it turn, who I really

Aris Cevahirciyan, Participant 2004, Executive Committee 2004

“Seeing Armenia was like a dream – my wildest and best one; I will
definitely go back to relive the experience.”

Melanie Kalinian, Participant 2004, Executive Committee 2004


1993 Built a school in Ararat 1999 Renovated Dzaghgatzor orphanage

1994 Renovated a seminary and adjacent church in Harich 2000 Renovated
school in Aradashen
1995 Renovated â^À^ÜNor Tbrotzâ^À^Ý school in Ararat 2001 Youth
commemorating 1700th anniversary
of Christianity
1996 Renovated â^À^ÜMeghetiâ^À^Ý childrensâ^À^Ù day campus in Dilijan 2002
Continued renovations of school in Aradashen
1997 Day Camp for 200 orphans in Dzaghgatzor 2004 CYMAâ^À¦ Touch Your
1998 Renovated Khor Virab & conducted day camps in
Ararat 2004 CYMAâ^À¦ Many Hands, One Heart!

CYMA Honorary Board of Directors
Bishop Bagrat Galstanyan
Senator Jacques Hébert
Seantor Shirley Maheu
Dr. Arshavir Gundjian, Prof. of Engineering at McGill University
Taro Alepian, Group President/Industrial at SWC-Lavalin

Important Information

Pre-Trip Orientation: July 5th – July 7th, 2004

Departure Date: July 8th, 2004

Return Date: August 7th, 2004

Application Deadline: May 22nd, 2004

$500 Deposit by: May 22, 2004

Participation fee: $2,500 (from Toronto or Montreal)

Note: It is Important to note here that all participants are expected to pay
the full participation fee.


CYMA members will live with pre-selected families in the village of
Aradashen, in the province of Armavir in Armenia. Each home will
accommodate 2 or 4 participants who will have the opportunity to
bond with their families, learn their way of life and become an
integral part of the community.

Christian Outreach Program

Visitations will be made by CYMA participants and clergy, offering
spiritual and humanitarian relief for families in extremely difficult
circumstances. This will give our participants the opportunity to
understand the hardships that many Armenians are having to

Construction and Renovation

This yearâ^À^Ùs mission takes us to Yerevan, where 4 days a week, we
will be renovating a centre for the physically challenged youth of
Yerevan. This yearâ^À^Ùs team will be working on the restoration of the
walls, floor and repainting of the rooms and hallways of the centre.

Travel Excursions

Participants will have many opportunities to visit churches,
landmarks and monuments. Three days a week, as well as
weekends, and the last few days of the mission will be devoted
primarily to these excursions. The many important places to visit will
include the Holy See of Etchmiadzin, Genocide Memorial, Lake
Sevan, Yerevan, etcâ^À¦

Children’s Workshop

This day camp will give CYMA participants the opportunity to
interact with the local children by doing arts & crafts, activities and
playing sports. The workshop will take place at the nearby school
in Aradashen, twice a week, for half a day. It will also include a
nutritious lunch, and the children will also be given school supplies
on behalf of CYMA.

Hay-Ess Program Under the guidance of local professionals, participants
will take part
in workshops to learn the history of the land and of the church, as
well as the culture through singing, dancing and drawing. This
program was added in 2002 and proved to be one of the most
enjoyable parts if the mission.


Rt. Rev. Fr. Ararat Kaltakjian â^À^Ó CYMA Director
(514) 276-9479 Zaven Gunjian â^À^Ó (514) 483-3766
Choghik Aghazarian â^À^Ó Assistant to CYMA Director Karen Mouradian â^À^Ó
Executive Member
(514) 337-0984 – email: [email protected]
Kareen Proudian â^À^Ó (514) 939-9842 Bedros Kokorian â^À^Ó (416) 292-7729
TORONTO â^À^Ó CYMA Recruitment Office
920 Progress Court, Scarborough, Ontario M1G 3T5
tel: (4160 431-3001 fax: (416) 431-0269 MONTREAL â^À^Ó CYMA Recruitment
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