BAKU: Separatist, former minister not included in pardon by Azeri pr

BAKU: Separatist, former minister not included in pardon by Azeri president

Assa-Irada news agency
10 May 04

Baku, 10 May: On Monday, President Ilham Aliyev issued a decree,
pardoning 363 prisoners. However, former defence minister Rahim
Qaziyev and separatist Alikram Humbatov, who attempted to establish
the “Talis Mugan Republic”, were not among those pardoned.

Qaziyev and Humbatov have been sentenced to life imprisonment for their
high treason, committing crimes against the territorial integrity of
Azerbaijan and collaborating with special service bodies of foreign

Qaziyev, who once headed a group of military troops in Susa District
and had no military education and rank, was appointed defence minister
by certain forces. During his activity as defence minister, the
Azerbaijani army conducted unsuccessful military operations. Besides,
Susa and Lacin districts were occupied by Armenian military troops.

Humbatov, who did not get any military education either, managed
to receive the rank of colonel within a short period thanks to his
foreign supporters and former defence minister Qaziyev.

Humbatov, who declared himself the president of the self-proclaimed
“Talis Mugan Republic”, was sentenced to life imprisonment after Heydar
Aliyev came to power. Qaziyev played “a great role” in carrying out
Humbatov’s separatist actions.