Where A Citizen Is Unprotected, Statehood Is Endangered


A1 Plus | 19:13:02 | 10-05-2004 | Social |

“Civil Will For and Against” initiative group on forum of social
organizations has today made a statement, which particularly says
irrespective of results of a possible dialogue between Opposition and
Authorities violence and breaches of human rights and basic freedoms in
Armenia are beyond political bargaining: {BR}

“We, the representatives of Armenia’s civil society not being for political
struggle and not laying claims to power, demand the Authorities:

1. to promptly release all the political prisoners;
2. to punish the persons having applied violence to journalists;
3. to punish the state officials having broken the Constitutional rights and
to condemn the phenomenon;
4. not to use the state and social institutions as tools for home political
5. to make changes to the Law on “Meetings, Rallies and Marches”, bringing
it in correspondence with spirit and letter of human basic freedoms;
6. to provide the basic right of a citizen to get free information,
particularly to grant frequency to “A1+” TV Company”, the statement says.