Vladimir Zhirinovsky: Georgia brings trouble to Russia

Vladimir Zhirinovsky: Georgia brings trouble to Russia

Pravda, Russia
MAy 10 2004

Vladimir Zhirinovsky estimates the latest events in Adzharia as the
defeat of Russia in the Caucasus region.

This will result in unfavorable consequences for Russia for long-term
perspective – Georgia will remain instability zone, said Vladimir
Zhirinovsky in a Newsinfo interview.

Newsinfo Your opinion on the latest events in Georgia – resignation
of leader of Adzaria autonomous republic Aslan Abashidze?

Vladimir Zhirinovsky Historically, Georgia has been a burden for
Russian empire and the Soviet Union. This is the zone of corruption
and conflicts, the collapse of the USSR was started in Georgia and
followed with Armenia, Azerbaijan, Central Asia, then it reached Moscow
and all regions. Georgia’s being in Russian state was a major mistake.

This continues today, we are still sponsoring Georgia. This is very
convenient for them. They receive money from Moscow and Washington and
do nothing. They have never been able to do anything, they have always
had a rest, I lived there for 2 years and know what I am saying. This
nation likes to eat, drink and play football, and this is it. Then
they can complain, cry and call to Moscow and Washington, receive some
gifts and continue enjoying themselves. This incapable area is going to
have conflicts forever. Leader of Adzaria Aslan Abashidze withdrew to
Russia temporarily,>Latest News Vladimir Zhirinovsky: Georgia brings
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world” War as a drug Son of popular leader elected president of Panama
Abashidze resigns; Saakashvili’s next target– Abkhazia

there are many Georgian emigrants here, 800,000 Georgians, many of
Georgian intelligentsia. They all were in opposition to previous
Georgian leaders Gamsakhurdia and Shevarnadze, currently they will
be in opposition to Saakashvili. Georgia brought Russia only losses.

Newsinfo What do you think about future developments in Georgia and
Caucasus region?

Vladimir Zhirinovsky Saakashvili is excited about his victory in
“velvet revolution” in Tbilisi and making the leader of Adzaria
to resign. He is going to advance to Abkhazia and then to Southern
Osetia, and Russia will have new refugees from these regions. Moscow is
making mistakes. No way it should have allowed Saakashvili to do this,
Moscow should have had tough position to Saakashvili. He overthrew
President Shevarnadze, this was against the law, overthrew leader of
Adzharia autonomous republic, and is going to dismiss other elected
leaders in Abkhazia and Southern Osetia. He is winning, we are losing.
Moscow supports this policy and thinks that united Georgia will not
support Chechen terrorists. This is an illusion, Georgia will not
change its policy! Georgia will join NATO soon, NATO troops will be
deployed there to encourage instability in the Caucasus region from
the South. This will result in instability not only in Chechnya,
but also in Karachaevo-Cherkesia region, which will be far worse
than the Chechen problem. Then Azerbaijan will join NATO and will
“put us on fire” through Dagestan republic bordering Chechnya. We
will be losing until major war breaks out in the Northern Caucasus,
and this region will be separated from Russia. This is the kind of
“velvet revolution” we are going to have.