Mothers’ Day Celebration HU

May 10, 2004
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Haigazian University honored five distinguished women from Lebanon for
being pioneers in the philanthropical, cultural and academic fields. The
event took place on Friday, May 7, 2004 at the Phoenicia Intercontinental
Hotel under the auspices of Lebanese First Lady, Mrs. Andree Lahoud.
Present were almost three hundred women from various regions and
communities in Lebanon, among whom were wives of government ministers and
parliament members.

The honorees of this year were:

Mrs. Rabab Al Sader, for her role of empowering women in society;
Mrs. Hermine’ Aydenian, for her well-recognized academic endeavors;
Mrs. Mounira Al Solh, for supporting the disabled and for involvement in
Mrs. May Arida, for her cultural contribution to Lebanon, especially the
Baalbeck Festivals.
Mrs. Youser Saab, for being a prominent philanthropist in her region.

After a welcoming word by the Haigazian University Women’s Auxiliary chair
Mrs. Terine Hasserjian, HUWA member Mrs. Silva Libaridian led the audience
in a half hour audio-visual journey “down memory lane” presenting the lives
of the five honorees in mesmerizing detail. In her conclusion, she praised
the women for their dedication to the needs and wants of the less
privileged in their society.

Haigazian University President, the Rev. Dr. Paul Haidostian addressed the
audience with a message that identified the image of an “ideal mother” with
that of the “servant” in such a way that the focus is put on responding
properly to the true needs of others in society. He said that the honorees
this year have all had “a special eye and a special hand on society.” He
added, ” Mindless giving is also heartless giving. Love misplaced is the
key to alienation. We often do not know what the real needs of others are
and therefore provide insignificant care and misplaced generosity.”
“Giving to the society and our generation means addressing the true needs
of humans that leads to life. This is a divine calling,” Haidostian

Then each of the five honorees received a special plaque from the hand of
Mrs. Lahoud and in return President Haidostian awarded the First Lady with
a silver plaque of appreciation.

The program was concluded with a luncheon of fellowship during which the
attendees had the opportunity to meet the various members of the HUWA, chat
with Mrs. Lahoud, and familiarize themselves with the academic services of
Haigazian University.

In addition to the enjoyment of the event as a whole, the attendees
expressed deep appreciation for the participation of some Haigazian
University students who during the celebration presented a special musical
interlude, and an Armenian traditional dance during the luncheon.

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