Bush cheers “Millennium Challenge” recipients

Bush cheers “Millennium Challenge” recipients

News 14 Carolina, NC
May 10 2004

(WHITE HOUSE) — President Bush is cheering the 16 poor countries
who’ll be receiving a big new infusion of U.S. aid, saying their
commitment to reform makes them a “bright light” in the developing

The 16 have been chosen to share in a billion dollars from Bush’s
Millennium Challenge program.

The initiative will boost development aid by 50 percent but only
for countries that show they can spend the cash wisely. That means
fighting corruption, observing the rule of law, promoting health and
education and encouraging free markets.

This year’s recipients include eight African nations, plus the former
Soviet republics of Georgia and Armenia, and Central American nations
Nicaragua and Honduras.

In an East Room ceremony, the president said aid to reforming countries
will be “repaid many times over.”