Arevag: Festival of Armenian Filmmakers.

Beirut International Documentary Festival (6th)
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AREVAG. Festival of Armenian Filmmakers
May, 5, 2004

Arevag Film festival, which kicked of on April 26th, 2004 in Beryte Hall
on the campus of Saint Joseph University in Beirut, Lebanon and closed
on April 30, was received by the audience and the local press by great
enthusiasm and success.

For the first time in the Middle East, a festival was solely dedicated
to Armenian filmmakers. Five filmmakers, who were attending the festival
presented the audience with many of their films, each filmmakers was
given a night and the selection of their films was done by the
filmmakers themselves.

The participating filmmakers were Serge Avedikian (France) Gariugin
Zakoyan (Armenia) Garine Torossian (Canada) Nigol Bezjian (Lebanon) and
Stephane Elmadjian (France).

The audience filled the cinema every night to full capacity and lively
debates and question/answer with the filmmakers followed at the end of
each screening night.

This successful event was organized as a joint venture between
Hamazkayin of Lebanon, Hamazkayin Centeral executive body and Docudays;
the only film festival in the Arab world dedicated to documentary films.

The admittance to the event was free and sponsored Societe General, Audi
and Credit Libanies banks, Libby’s, Haygazian University and AFHIL.

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From: Baghdasarian