Natalia Vutova Speaking at News Conference

A1 Plus | 17:39:30 | 07-05-2004 | Politics |


On Friday, the CE Special Envoy in Armenia Natalia Vutova, speaking at a
news conference in Yerevan, said there was nothing surprising, when the CE
member countries put their domestic troubles on PACE floor, and this has
never been considered as treason in any of 45 member countries, but Armenia.

Speaking on the PACE recent resolution on situation in Armenia, Vutova found
it irrelevant to speak about the opposition’s or the authorities’ defeat or
victory. The resolution calls on both sides to start a dialogue, she said
invoking Human Rights Convention’s provision of freedom of speech.

It was noted that, contrary to Venice Commission experts’ negative opinion,
Armenian authorities adopted the law on rallies, demonstrations and marches.

“We will continue to negotiate with the authorities for amending the law. It
must be based on Human Rights International Convention”, she said.

Responding to some Armenian officials’ attempts to play down the
significance of the resolution, because, as they say, it is grounded on
facts obtained from unreliable sources, Vutova said the CE is always
verifying the information given.