Genocide Victims Remembered in Ceremony

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May 7, 2004

Genocide Victims Remembered in Ceremony

Sacramento–On Monday April 26 Assemblyman Samuelian helped organize a
special ceremony on the floor of the State Assembly to recognize the
victims of the 1915-1923 Armenian Genocide.

Assemblyman Samuelian spoke on the floor about his Assembly Concurrent
Resolution that he co-authored commemorating the victims of the
Armenian Genocide. Samuelian said, “Today we mark a tragic and
horrific period of history. The victims of the Armenian Genocide must
never be forgotten. I will continue to speak out strongly about this
Genocide in order that the world remembers these tragic events.”

Samuelian organized a delegation of Fresno Armenian-American leaders
to travel to Sacramento and recognized those individuals on the
Assembly floor after his comments.
The leaders attending the special ceremony were:

Dr. Janice Emerzian, Dean at Fresno City College
Les Emerzian, Community leader
Mary Mortanian, Author and daughter of Genocide victim

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