Economic policy in Karabakh is favorable

Azat Artsakh – Republic of Nagorno Karabakh (NKR)
May 7, 2004


This is the opinion of the manager of “Base Metals Ltd.” Artur
Mkrtumian, which he stated during his meeting with the mass media. So
far 7 million dollars have been invested by the shareholders of the
company in capital building, equipment. “The implementation of so much
work within a period of about 1.5 year is not only the result of the
technical skills and efforts of the specialists but also the
favourable economic policy. The construction of a similar factory
might usually be delayed, hindered. It should be mentioned that
everything was done quickly, without any difficulties, and the result
is the powerful factory. At the same time in parallel with the growth
of the company the legislative regulations of Karabakh have been
accomplished, which today favour similar companies to make
investments, set up a business and achieve success,” said Artur
Mkrtumian. PERSONNEL PROBLEMS. The prevailing part of the 750 workers
of the company, mainly the technical staff, are invited. According to
the manager of the company Artur Mkrtumian, the company cannot keep
the invited specialists in the country for years on. Therefore the
company intends creating a base of specialists in the factory through
the invited specialists. The manager explains the absence of
specialists by the absence of similar production in Karabakh. It the
beginning the factory also had lack of labour force. According to him,
the reason was the events of the last 10-15 years. People have been
alienated from industrial work which supposes certain scheduling and
responsibility. The problem, however, has been solved, according to
A. Mkrtumian. Moreover, there are now hundreds of people wishing to
work in the mine. “We have local specialists, miners who excellently
carry out this hard work from the point of view of specialization and
earn as much as the 6th class specialist invited from Kapan,
Alaverdy. They are 24-26 years-old young men and the company has great
expectations from them,” said A. Mkrtumian. The manager also informed
that for the organization and development of the production in
Karabakh with the NKR government they work out a program of training
necessary specialists at Artsakh State University. The program is in
the initial stage. The company has presented the list of the necessary
monthly salary fund of the company “Base Metals” totals about 80-100
million drams. The work in the factory lasts 24 hours, in three
shifts, except for the underground mine which works a six-hour shift
taking into account the hard working conditions. “Base Metals” also
favours the improvement of the social conditions of the population of
the adjacent villages. The evidence to this is the newly built
dormitory which will be opened soon. The same is pursued with the plan
of the management of the company to build a resort center on the side
of the reservoir Sarsang.