Armenian news directors to learn new computer program

International Journalist’s Network
May 7 2004

Armenian news directors to learn new computer program

A seminar for Armenian TV news directors and editors is aimed at
teaching them how to use News Factory – software that can help them
organize their newsrooms.

Internews-Armenia has scheduled the seminar for May 24 at its offices
in Yerevan. No more than one representative from each participating
TV company may attend.

Trainers Konstantin Naumov and Denis Shchevchenko of Internews-Russia
will lead the seminar. They will present the News Factory program,
which facilitates the organization of newsroom work for TV stations.

Internews-Russia created the software to help regional stations
automate their news production, while creating computerized archives
of their local news reports. According to an October 2003 release
from Internews, more than 300 stations across Russia are using the

For more information about the software, visit

For information about the course, contact David Aslanyan at
[email protected], telephone +374 1 58-36-20. Internews-Armenia: