Voice of America TV calls Armenia

BC-Voice of America TV calls Armenia
Magazine show, 30-minutes of p’gramming added
By Pamela McClintock

NEW YORK — Voice of America on Monday launched a daily
Armenian-language TV feed for Armenians in their own country and for
those dispersed across Europe and the Middle East.

VOA, which is partnering with Armenia TV, recently ended its
Armenian radio broadcasts, saying a TV feed would reach more people.

Armenia TV will air “Amerikai dzain herustahandes” (VOA TV
Magazine) during its weekday newscasts, as well as a 30-minute block
of VOA programming on Saturday.

VOA director David Jackson said the feed was especially important
as Armenia developed into a more “open and democratic civil society.”
VOA is the U.S. government’s chief propaganda arm overseas.

According to a recent survey, 97% of Armenians rely on television
for news. Armenia TV reaches 52% of viewers between the ages of 25
and 50.

It is also available via satellite in Western Europe and the
Middle East, including the U.K., France, Germany, Switzerland,
Holland, Bulgaria, Romania, Spain, Portugal, Cyprus, Greece,

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