Boxing: Boxing title rival says he will cook champ Scott May 6 2004

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May 6 2004

Boxing title rival says he will `cook’ champ Scott May 6 2004

SCOTT Harrison’s trash talking challenger William Abelyan has
threatened to `cook’ the WBO Featherweight Champion.

The Armenian, who is the Cambuslang fighter’s mandatory opponent at
the Braehead Arena on May 29, believes he will strip the world champ
of his title.

William Abelyan said this week: `Harrison is only keeping my world
title belt warm for me. Just make sure he is polishing it so it’s
nice and shiny for me when I take it off him on May 29.

`My world title opportunity has been a long time coming. I stepped
aside to let Harrison fight Medina the second time following his loss
to him. By rights I should have fought Medina and I am certain I
would have knocked him out and would be the World champion now.

`Medina gave him a grilling but I’m going to cook him.’

The 26-year-old is not intimidated by going into the Braehead Arena
which will inevitably be packed with Harrison fans.

Abelyan said: `Everyone’s telling me what a hostile atmosphere it is
going to be in the arena on the night. To tell you the truth I
couldn’t care less.

`If you saw where I come from in Armenia then you would have a reason
to be worried. Going to Scotland does not scare me one bit.

`What are his fans going to do for him? They are not going to be in
the ring taking sledgehammer punches – Harrison is.

`I’m not going to Scotland to make friends, I’m going there to do my
job which is to knock Harrison out cold.’

With just over four weeks until their fight, Abelyan claims to be
ready for Harrison now.

Said Abelyan: `I wish the fight could be tomorrow because the way I
am punching now he will not make it passed the first round. My
training for this fight has been fantastic and I’ve never felt in
better shape.’

Tickets for Harrison’s fight are priced at £30, £50, £75 and £125 and
are available from the Seatem Box Office on 0870 906 3839 or the
Braehead Arena Box Office on 0870 444 6062.