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A) His Eminence Archbishop Bargev Martirossian visits Armenian Church
Canadian Diocese

Upon the invitation of His Eminence Bishop Bagrat Galstanian, Primate
of the Armenian Church Canadian Diocese, the Primate of the Diocese of
Artsakh His Eminence Archbishop Bargev Martirossian will be visiting
Canada from the 22nd to 29th April 2004.

On Friday night, 23rd April 2004 Abp. Martirossian participated in the
Martyrs’ Prayer and Ecumenical service to be held at St Gregory the
Illuminator Armenian Cathedral commemorating the 89th anniversary of
the Armenian Genocide. Present were the Montreal Church leaders and
eminent politicians.

On April 24, Abp Martirossian celebrated the Holy Divine Liturgy at
Holy Trinity Armenian Church of Toronto, where regional Church Leaders
and ecumenical representatives attended the special requiem service
dedicated to the victims of the Armenian Genocide.

On Monday April 26, both Serpazans accompanied by Rev. Fr. Zareh
Zargarian, Pastor of the church and his assistant Deacon Vrej
Berberian visited the Armenian schools in Toronto, starting with the
new and old buildings of Kololian School, then to Holy Asdvadzadzin
Church school, followed by Holy Cross School and the AGBU Zaroukian
School. His Eminence Archbishop Barkev Martirossian and Bishop Bagrat
Galstanian returned to Montreal the same afternoon.

In the evening, AGBU Montreal chapter hosted a reception in honor of
His Eminence Archbishop Bargev Martirossian, giving an opportunity to
Armenian Community members to meet with His Eminence Archbishop

On the 27th of April, 2004 a meeting with the Youth of Greater
Montreal Area was organized. His Eminence Abp. Martirossian is the
spiritual leader of Artsakh. His Eminence was one of the first
Armenians to enter Shoushi, the strategic stronghold that was held by
the Azerbaijani forces. Shoushi’s conquest became the turning point of
liberation of Artsakh. Abp. Martirossian immediately cleaned up the
All Saints (Amenapergitch) Armenian Church of the city and celebrated
the Divine Liturgy, giving thanks to the Lord for the liberation of
the once vibrant Armenian city of Shoushi.

B) Divine Liturgy Celebration in Toronto’s Holy Trinity Church in
Commemoration of Victims of the Armenian Genocide

On Saturday 24 April at 7:30 pm Abp. Barkev Martirossian, Primate of
the Diocese of Artsakh, celebrated the Divine Liturgy in commemoration
of the victims of the Armenian genocide. Abp. Martirossian had been
invited by the Primate of the Canadian Diocese Bishop Bagrat

Along with a capacity crowd present to honor the memory of the
Armenian victims, were heads and representatives of sister churches,
including the Catholic Church Cardinal of Toronto Aloysius Ambrozic,
Bishop of Toronto Terrence Finley, Fr. Peter Avgeropoulos
(representing the Greek Metropolitan Abp. Satirios), Fr. Ammonius
Guirguis from the Coptic Orthodox Church, Fr. Stephanos Issan of the
Assyrian Church, Secretary of the Canadian Council of Churches
Rev. Dr. Karen Hamilton, Fr. William Osbern of the Memorial Church,
Fr. Damian McPherson from the Catholic Church Diocese of Toronto, and
Fr. Canon Harold Nahabedian of St. Mary of Magdalene Church. In
attendance were also political personalities who were present both to
honor the memory of the victims and to congratulate the Armenian
community on the occasion of the Canadian Parliament’s recognition on
April 21 of the Armenian Genocide. Among the politicians present were
Ara Papian, Ambassador of Armenia, Members of Parliament Sarkis
Assadourian, John Cannis, Gary Phillips and Jim Karigiannis.

In his sermon the Primate of Artsakh told the faithful not to bear any
hatred toward the perpetrator, for they will face God’s judgment.

Following the Divine Liturgy, a commemoration program was organized in
the church’s “Magaros Artinian” Hall by the World Alliance. The
premiere of BBC’s documentary on the Armenian Genocide was screened
and addresses were delivered by the politicians who once again
denounced the act of genocide as a solution to social issues. At the
end of his speech, MP Karigiannis invited the Primate of the Canadian
Diocese and the Ambassador of Armenia to receive a copy of the
Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and wished that one day it
will be translated into Armenian, alongside other languages. The
commemoration ended by a midnight ceremony and laying of flowers in
front of the memorial in the church courtyard.

On Sunday April 25, following the Divine Liturgy, opening ceremony was
conducted of the newly established Family Help Unit of the Holy
Trinity Church. Both Serpazans blessed the members of the new
Committee before the Altar, then proceeded by a procession to the
premises of the unit where they cut the ribbon, formally inaugurating
the new office. A reception was then held in the Magaros Artinian Hall
in honor of Abp. Barkev Martirossian, who related to the faithful the
current situation in Nagorno Karabakh and the progress achieved since
its liberation.

C) Sun Youth and Children’s Hospital

On Thursday, 22 April 2004, Rev Father Hayrig Hovhannissian
accompanied with the members of Diocesan Youth Council visited
children at the Montreal Children’s Hospital. During the whole month
of April the Diocesan Youth Council organized selfless acts in order
to give back to the Montreal Community in memory of 1.5 million
victims of the Armenian Genocide of 1915, honoring the slogan “BEYOND

Children’s Hospital Administration Staff welcomed the Diocesan Youth
Council at the main entrance of the hospital. During their visit at
the Montreal Children’s Hospital Rev. Father Hayrig Hovhannissian
along with members from the Diocesan Youth Council visited children in
the wards and handed them toys. They were accompanied by the Hospital
mascot Caramel who added a greater atmosphere of joy to the sick
kids. This event was covered by CTV news on the spot and shown on the
same evening in the news.

Prior to this event, on Monday April 12th 2004, Primate of the
Armenian Diocese of Canada His Grace Bishop Bagrat Galstanian and
members of the Diocesan Youth Council distributed food to needy
families at the Montreal Sun Youth Community Center. His Eminence
along with some members of the Diocesan Youth Council helped local Sun
Youth workers and volunteers prepare the provisions and food bags, and
distributed them to the families at the center. Local Sun Youth
workers were very thankful to see such an unselfish act from our youth
commemorating the 1.5 million victims of the Genocide.

Overall the Diocesan Youth Council under the auspices of His Grace
Bishop Bagrat Galstanian organized three main events throughout the
month of April. The first was a blood drive for HEMA Quebec, the
second a food drive for the Sun Youth and the third a toy collection
and distribution for Montreal Children’s Hospital. These were new
concepts for the Armenian community in Canada and they were marked
with great success. Through their grievance, the Armenians gave back
to the community.

D) Junior Choir & Nazeli Dance Group

On Saturday April 17th 2004, under the auspices of His Eminence Bishop
Galstanian, Primate of the Armenian Church of Canada, the Junior Choir
and Nazeli Dance Group of St Sahag and Mesrob Armenian Church of
Providence performed at AGBU Armen Quebec Alex Manoogian School. The
Junior Choir, organized by Maestro Konstantin Petrossian, performed
hymns and music of the Divine Liturgy of the Armenian Church and songs
by Armenian and American composers. The Cultural Committee’s Arts
Education program had organized the Nazeli Dance group in October
2000. Girls between 8-16 years old, dressed in beautiful Armenian
costumes, danced many Armenian folk dances, and were highly
appreciated by the audience.

Very Reverend Father Vazgen Boyajyan welcomed the audience and thanked
His Eminence Bishop Bagrat Galstanian for sponsoring this event. In
his closing words, Bishop Bagrat Galstanian congratulated and highly
appreciated the Junior Choir and Nazeli Dance Group of Saint Sahag and
St Mesrob Armenian Church of Providence. His Eminence said “you have
proved once more that this nation shall never die”. He then wished
the members of the Choir continued success in their future endeavors.

E) Meeting with Anahit Bayandour

On Wednesday April 14, Montreal Armenian community representatives and
intellectuals met with Ms. Anahid Bayandour, one of Armenia’s leading
political, intellectual and literary figures. She was invited by
Bishop Bagrat Galstanian, Primate of the Canadian
Diocese. Rev. Fr. Vazken Boyadjian introduced the guest as the author
of many books. Ms. Bayandour has translated many literary pieces from
Armenian to Russian and vice-versa. As a member of independent
Armenia’s Parliament she has extended her services in the political
and social life of Armenia. Currently she has been conducting some
studies in the US upon the invitation by the National Endowment Fund
in Washington.

Ms. Bayandour discussed in detail and analyzed the sociopolitical
conditions in Armenia in particular and in the Caucasus in general
since the collapse of the Soviet Union, when the newly independent
nations faced a vacuum and struggled to institute the democratic
system in their countries. Following her presentation, a long question
and answer period was held during which Bishop Galstanian also
expressed his views as a witness of those turbulent years.

Ms. Bayandour thanked the Primate for the invitation and for
organizing this meeting, as well as appreciated the Primate’s serious
and objective assessment of the situation in Armenia.

F) New Sunday, Blessing Day of Armenian Schools

On Sunday April 18, 2004 St Gregory the Illuminator Armenian cathedral
was filled up with hundreds of student of AGBU Armen-Quebec Alex
Manougian Armenian Day school of Montreal.

As New Sunday was declared “Day of Armenian School” by the Primate,
His Grace Bishop Bagrat Galstanian, a unique ceremony was designed to
celebrate the feast and bless the students of Armenian Day School.

The Divine Liturgy was celebrated by the Pastor of St Gregory the
Illuminator Armenian Cathedral Rev. Fr Vazgen Boyadjian. The Choir of
St Sahag and St Mesrob Armenian Church of Providence conducted by
Maestro Konstantin Petrossian participated in the ceremonies and was
highly appreciated by the faithful.

During the celebration of Holy Liturgy students from AGBU Armen-Quebec
Alex Manougian school approached the altar as a sign of devotion to
their mother church.

His Eminence Bishop Bagrat Galstanian highlighted the mission of the
Armenian School and praised its more than three decades of providing a
high standard of education our new generations. Bishop Galstanian also
appreciated the current administration and the principal of the school
Mr. Robert Kechayan. He then blessed the students of Armenian Day
School and wished them success in their endeavors.