ATP Finalizes the Results of `Trees for Life’ Sister Art Contests

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Press Release


Armenia Tree Project Finalizes the Results of `Trees for Life’ Sister Art
Contests in Armenia and America

April 29, Yerevan – In celebration of its 10th Anniversary, the Armenia Tree
Project (ATP) announced the winners of an art contest , entitled `Trees for
Life’, held at 6 schools in Yerevan and Gumri. The art contest was conducted
at the same time in 6 American schools in Boston, Massachusetts. Eighteen
winning posters (3 from each Armenian school) will travel to Boston from
Armenia to be exhibited with the winning American posters during the
celebrations of ATP’s 10th Anniversary in June.

The aim of the Contest is to raise the level of awareness on environmental
issues among younger schoolchildren – the upcoming generation that will play
a crucial role in preserving forests in Armenia. All participants are in
grades 5-7. To inaugurate the contest the ATP staff provided environmental
education materials to the teachers and conducted environmental awareness
classes with the Armenian children. The schoolchildren grasped the problem
of deforestation surprisingly well, and the quality of posters through which
they expressed their ideas and suggestions was high. In addition to having
their posters exhibited in America, the winners will be presented with
special certificates and prizes.

For further information, please contact Karen Sarkavagyan at the Armenia
Tree Project, phone numbers 569910 and 553069, E-mail [email protected]

The Armenia Tree Project was founded in 1994 during Armenia’s darkest and
coldest years with the vision of securing Armenia’s future by protecting
Armenia’s environment. Funded by contributions from Diasporan Armenians, ATP
has planted and rejuvenated over 500,000 trees at more than 450 sites
ranging from Gumri to Goris.