Russian Duma deputy speaker Zhirinovskiy condemns Armenian genocide

Russian Duma deputy speaker Zhirinovskiy condemns Armenian genocide

Public Television of Armenia, Yerevan,
27 Apr 04

[Presenter] Deputy speaker of the lower house of the Russian
parliament, the State Duma, Vladimir Zhirinovskiy announced that
history is moving towards the international recognition of the
Armenian genocide. The deputy speaker of the State Duma said that
Turkey not only must recognize the Ottoman’s crime but also to
apologize before the Armenian people and to compensate for the killing
and loss of more than a million Armenians.

[Vladimir Zhirinovskiy, captioned, in Russian with Armenian voice
over] This was the first severe lesson for all the world. After 10
years we shall mark the 100th anniversary of this bloody events. Many
parliaments have already adopted the laws and condemned the Armenian
genocide. Our State Duma also has already adopted this and we are
always with Armenia.

I am sure that the time will come when all the parliaments of the
world, also the UN, NATO, the European Parliament will recognize this
barbaric act committed by the Turkish government against the Armenian
people. Germany is paying about 3bn dollars annually to the
Jews. Turkey’s turn will also come to pay for the killing of more than
million of Armenians and their loss. The world will condemn Turkey’s
action, will recognize it as a genocide and demand Turkey to pay
compensation to Armenia, which lost more than a million people in the
1915 genocide.

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