Opp confident Armenian president will resign, rally planned 4 May

Opposition confident Armenian president will resign, rally planned 4 May

Mediamax news agency
3 May 04


The opposition is confident that Robert Kocharyan will resign from the
post of the Armenian president, one of the leaders of Justice
opposition block, former Prime Minister Aram Sarkisyan told a briefing
in Yerevan today.

Aram Sarkisyan said that the opposition’s confidence is based on the
fact that “the people have livened up and come out against the illegal
President,” Mediamax reported. He said that “the opposition is going
to act in accord with the following scenario – changing of power,
holding of pre-term presidential elections, dissolution of the
National Assembly and holding of pre-term parliamentarian elections.”
Aram Sarkisian said that the opposition will stage a regular rally on
Freedom Square in Yerevan on May 4 at 1800 [presumably local time].

He noted that despite the law “On the procedure of staging meetings,
rallies, marches and demonstrations” adopted by the Armenian
Parliament last week, which contained certain restrictions, “we will
stage rallies wherever we find it expedient; guided by the UN
Convention on Human Rights.”