Operational consultations of NKR police

Azat Artsakh – Republic of Nagorno Karabakh (NKR)
May 1, 2004


Opening the operational consultation the head of the NKR police Armen
Isagulov presented the agenda question “On the results of the
operational-service activity of NKR police in the first trimester of
2004”. The first vice head of the police, major-general of the police
Arshavir Gharamian mentioned in his report that the police units
maintained stable controllable situation in the mentioned period. In
the period concerned 152 offences were reported against 167 of the
previous year. The crime rate dropped by 9 percent or 15 cases. The
increased number of grave crimes was artificially caused by the
introduction of the new criminal code. On the other hand, the rate of
revelation was improved by 12 percent. The police bodies revealed 7
cases of drug crimes against 4 in the first trimester of 2003. 3
cases of confiscation of weapon and ammunition were reported. In the
same period citizens voluntarily handed in 14 guns. Another important
thing is that the two reported cases of murder were revealed, and the
rate of revelation of cases dismissed in the previous years
increased. The department of criminal investigation of the
administration of operational services promoted cooperation with the
town department of police and the regional departments. As a result
10 crimes were revealed against 1 in the first trimester of 2003. The
group for investigation for criminals and missing people discovered
and extradited 2 criminals who were outside the republic; one of them
was found with the assistance of the Stepanakert town department. The
reporter touched upon the activities of the departments for public
order, interrogation, as well as a number of subdivisions and
agencies and pointed out the drawbacks and mistakes. The results of
the operational consultation were summed up by the head of the NKR
Police, lieutenant-general of police Armen Isagulov. In his address
the head of the system dwelled on the necessity of correcting the
faults in the activities of separate subdivisions and agencies, and
indicating their causes. He stressed the idea that the operational
agencies should come in closer cooperation with local inspectors, and
the heads of certain subdivisions must improve the mechanisms of
control thus promoting the general progress. Corresponding
instructions and tasks were given in this reference. Before closing
the consultation Armen Isagulov conferred 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree
medals for “Long Service in the Police” on a number of members of the
police for conscientious and responsible service.