For future students

Azat Artsakh – Republic of Nagorno Karabakh (NKR)
May 1, 2004


The NKR government has confirmed the list of the specialties and
number of paid and free places in the higher educational institutions
of NKR and RA for admittance in 2004. At the NKR ministry of
education, culture and science we were informed that at Artsakh State
University the number of free places will be 200, the number of paid
places 570 (increased by 20 against last year), distance education
places will be 305. This year the number of free places in the Music
College after Sayat Nova will be 25, and the paid places 24. At the
Agricultural College of Stepanakert the free places for applicants
with 8-year school education is 4 against 5 of last year, and the
number of paid places is 41 (increased by 1). The free places for
applicants with secondary education increased by one from last year
and is 41, and the paid places are 120 (increased twice from last
year). In the distance learning system of the Agricultural College the
places for applicants with eight-year school education is the same 40,
and the places for applicants with secondary education increased by 15
and is 140. The paid and free places at the Medical College of
Stepanakert remained the same, 17 and 120. And the Shoushi College of
Humanities after Khachatur Abovian will admit students for distant
learning this year. The free places in the college are 40, of which 15
are for applicants with eight-year education, and paid places are 40,
of which 30 are for applicants with secondary education. This year the
same college will provide 40 places for distant learning. The 30
places at Stepanakert Dance College are free of charge. In RA higher
educational institutions the number of places provided for NKR
increased by 5 and totals 35. Yerevan State University provides 7
places, State Engineering University of Armenia 5, State Yerevan
University of Architecture and Building 5, Yerevan State Economic
University 5, Yerevan State Conservatoire after Komitas 4, Yerevan
State Institute of Theatre and Cinema 1, Yerevan State Medical
University 5, Agricultural Academy of Armenia 1, Russian-Armenian
University 2.