First case of human anthrax reported in Armenia

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First case of human anthrax reported in Armenia

WORLD/CIS » :: Apr 29, 2004 Posted: 19:49 Moscow time (15:49 GMT)

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YEREVAN – The first case of human anthrax has been registered in a village
in the Shirakskaya region of Armenia. As reported to a Rosbalt correspondent
by the Armenian Health Ministry, the infection originated in cattle, and
health workers do not exclude the possibility that the case will not be the
only one.

As of April 17, tens of cases of anthrax in cattle have been reported in the
region. The cause of the epidemic has been attributed to substandard
vaccine. The area has been quarantined, and health workers have reported
that the epicenter of the contamination has been localized. /Rosbalt/