CR: The Armenian Genocide – Rep. Watson

[Congressional Record: April 27, 2004 (House)]
[Page H2400]
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The Armenian Genocide

Ms. WATSON. Mr. Speaker, a few remarks on the Armenian genocide. My
Armenian-American friends and neighbors in Los Angeles have asked me
to speak tonight as a tribute to the victims of the Armenian genocide.
As you know, in April 1915, approximately 1.5 million Armenians were
systematically killed in an organized fashion by the Ottoman
government. Ample documentation of these facts exist; yet today,
almost 9 decades later, the government of the modern state of Turkey
still fails to acknowledge the fact of the Armenian genocide.
Turkey’s failure to acknowledge the truth is a burden on the alliance
between our two nations. I would say to our President, it should be
called as it is, a crime of genocide. So I call upon the President of
the United States to uphold the commitment he made back when he was
running for President and put the United States of America on record
acknowledging the Armenian genocide.