CE Following Equality Principle

A1 Plus | 17:30:22 | 28-04-2004 | Politics | PACE SPRING SESSION |


CE Secretary General Walter Schwimmer whose CE commissions end this June
said at today’s press conference that CE role becomes wider.

“Council of Europe is more important than European Union. It is beyond
controversy that CE must and does support all the states which are on the
democratization way”, Mr. Schwimmer said.

Talking about Armenia’s problems he voiced hope that CE will have its good
offices for establishing stability in Armenia.

CE demands the Armenian Authorities to honor the democratic ideas towards
CE, human rights and legality and to engage in a dialogue with the political

“Ayb-Fe” asked Walter Schwimmer: “What do you mean saying the situation in
Armenia must be settled in a democratic way only?”. “Respect to lawfulness
of human rights, responsibility of the Armenian Government and the legal
bodies not to commit violence against the protestors, especially freedom of
MPs, are the most essential. I call both Opposition and protestors for the
same. But it is impossible to come out of the political crisis through
violence and rallies. Sides must engage in a dialogue and to find peaceful
ways. CE is well-experienced for eliminating crisis and our representative
can assist parts in the dialogue”, Walter Schwimmer said.

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