BAKU: PACE gave time to Armenia

Azer Tag, Azerbaijan State Info Agency
April 29 2004

[April 29, 2004, 19:05:45]

At the session of Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe on
28 April, discussed was the question “Situation in Armenia”,
correspondent of AzerTAj reported from Strasbourg

French deputy Rene Andre and Polish deputy Zherzi Zhaskiernia have
informed on the events, which have occurred in Armenia recently. .
Both lecturers have condemned the violent measures applied concerning
peace meetings on which the opposition expressed mistrust to
President Robert Kocharyan, have stated that in the country did not
carry out democratic reforms, human rights are violated, freedom of
press is strangled, and have demanded from authorities written
explanation in connection with the latest developments. The report
reflects gross infringements during the presidential elections in
Armenia, ignoring by authorities of protests of the Council of Europe
in this occasion, the requirement to the Country’s management about
realization of serious steps on the way of stabilization of

Ten deputies have spoken in discussions on the report. They have
especially noted the arbitrariness of police during dispersal of
peace meetings, having emphasized, that thus did not spare even
women, have stressed importance to start dialogue between authority
and opposition. It was stressed the necessity of direction to Armenia
special expert group for check of performance of resolution of the
January session the PACE concerning Armenia, even is recommended to
follow example the neighboring Georgia (“velvet revolution”), make
amendments to the Constitution of the country connected with
presidential and parliamentary elections. If before the last events
it was informed, that in Armenia there are no political prisoners,
now the situation changed, hundreds people are arrested. In
statements, has found reflection extremely heavy political situation
in the country. And some statements contain requirements about
introduction of sanctions concerning the country, which have applied
force over the citizens.

Some deputies demanded dialogue between authority and opposition,
have noted importance of sending to Armenia a monitoring group, and
special representative to study situation, have made offer on giving
to Armenia time until September session for settlement of the

Amendments to the resolution made by session in connection with the
events which has occurred in Armenia, also have caused rough
discussions among deputies. Despite of diligence and protests of the
Armenian deputies, in the draft resolution have found reflection many
amendments, including about carrying out in the country of mass
arrests, giving to authorities of Armenia time till September for
stabilization of situation by peace way (otherwise, the delegation of
Armenia in the PACE will be deprived all powers). During voting, the
majority of deputies supported these amendments. Thus, time for
normalization of situation developed in the country is given to