Armenian Genocide commemoration in Sweden

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The Armenian Community in Sweden paid homage to the memory of victims of
the Armenian Genocide of 1915

Stockholm, 02/05/04 – On April 24, 2004 in Uppsala, Sweden the Armenian
Community of Sweden and many foreign representatives paid homage to the
memory of the victims of Armenian Genocide. Many came to Uppsala from
far cities to take part in the commemoration soiree, organized by the
Union of Armenian Associations in Sweden, Swedish Armenian organizations
and the Swedish Church. The commemoration ceremony took place in the
main church of Uppsala.

The bells of this wonderful church rang to the memory of the victims of
the Armenian genocide and the Armenian flag fluttered over Uppsala from
the eminent highness of the church. The anthem of the Republic of
Armenia was performed and the service was given to the repose of
victims. The service was followed by a concert. The public admired the
recitals of Arpine Zakhinian with the piano accompaniment of Lilit
Soukiassian, the performances of Karine Sedrakian, Karine Gevrogyan,
Swedish singer Annette Taranton and the duduk of Hayk Hakobian. Sting
Lundstrom the Swedish poet recited his poems dedicated to Armenian
people, and Jan Gustavson performed the Armenian traditional song
“Krunk” on his trumpet.

Goran Gunner, professor at Faculty of Baptist Theology in Stockholm and
honored worker at the research department of the Swedish Church, author
of the book “Nostalgia for Ararat” reminded the public of the bitter
historical truth and the wishes of the Armenian people aspiring to

Garo Hakopian the chairman of the Union of Armenian Associations in
Sweden and Assembly of Armenians of Europe made a speech on the subject
“the present and the past”. He noted “to forget the past means not to
see the present, not to see the present means not to have future. We
believe that our people, in spite of all difficulties will create
brighter future. ”

Union of Armenian Associations in Sweden