Armenian DM denies Daily’s claims

April 30 2004


YEREVAN, APRIL 30, ARMENPRESS: Armenian defense ministry has
denied a report in the local daily Haykakan Zhamanak which cited in
its Thursday issue from a report of the US-based Strategic
Forecasting Inc (Stratfor) to claim that according to logistical
agreements between the U.S. military and the Armenian armed forces,
reached earlier this week, Armenian authorities have allowed the US
to deploy its military planes on Armenian airfields.
The agreement in question was announced following a visit to
Armenia by a senior U.S. military official. Gen. Charles Wald, who,
according to Stratfor, walked away from Yerevan with an agreement to
allow U.S. landing rights on Armenian airfields.
A statement released by Armenian defense ministry on Thursday
evening said the Armenian-US agreement does not envisage deployment
of US war planes on Armenian airfields and that the daily’s claims
were the result of a wrong translation. It said the core of the
agreement is to satisfy logistical and other demands of the other
side at its request having in mind Armenia’s policy and priorities.