ANKARA: US’ Armenia move

turkishnewsline, Turkey
April 29 2004

US’ Armenia move

The US is determined to improve its influence on Caucasus; so it has
some movements that have not been realized.

Under this framework, US’ signing a military deal with Armenia could
be evaluated as last, silent but an important move. Press reported a
little on the issue when the agreement was signed in Yerivan on April
25. Armenia Chief of General Staff declared the deal on April 26.
With this deal, for the first time US is signing a military agreement
with Armenia.

According to information on the deal, this is a military logistic
deal. The US will able to come to Armenia and it will able to remain
in the Armenian bases and he will able to benefit from the facilities
of the bases. The same conditions will be valid for the US military
forces; of course it is a detail because the Armenian forces will not
go to the US. And why should they go?

There are some special clauses that the US will pay for the services
that it benefited from in Armenia and the US will compensate the
Armenian forces, which would be deployed in Iraq. We discover that
Armenia is ready to send a military unit to Iraq to get closer to the
US. The aim is not only to be closer to the US, but also Armenia
wants to balance Azerbaijan and Georgia in Iraq, which sent troops to
the country.

This agreement that the US signed with Armenia is the last move of
the US against the Caucasus. Aiming to break Russian and Iran
influence in the Caucasus, the US had signed a very comprehensive
deal with Georgia.