Retail prices of potato, cabbage and grape are down

April 27 2004


YEREVAN, APRIL 27, ARMENPRESS: According to Agri-Business
Development Center, retail prices of cabbage, potatoes, grape,
tomatoes are down, prices of flour, barley, wheat, onion, beef and
pork are up and prices of butter, sugar did not change as compared to
the same period last month.
The market price for one kg of pork a year ago was 1200-1300 drams
while its present average price is 1860 drams. Beef is sold at 1400
(2003 – 1200 drams). The present price of poultry is 1200 drams
against 1000 drams in 2003. Egg was sold at 44 drams a year ago,
while in January it increased to 55 and at present is sold at 58
Potatoes were sold in 2003, April at 200 drams per kilogram while
in January it reduced to 140 and its present price is 80-100 drams.
Last year cucumber was sold at 800 drams while this year it is 500
drams. Average price for apple is 400 drams. It increased by 100
drams as compared to the same period last year.
The highest prices can be observed at Mashtotc avenue market
number 1 and the lowest prices at Malatia market number 4 and in the
markets of Gyumri and Spitak.