Difficult to confuse the international community

Azat Artsakh – Republic of Nagorno Karabakh (NKR)
April 27, 2004


In the recently published report of the US State Department on
strategic control of international circulation of drugs for the first
time there is no information on production and circulation of drugs in
Nagorni Karabakh and its adjacent regions. In his interview to the
news agency “Mediamax” the NKR vice minister of foreign affairs Masis
Mayilian mentioned that “since 1996 for the first time in the report
of the US State Department there were no accusations made by
Azerbaijan in address to Karabakh.” According to him, it was
facilitated by the open policy of the Karabakh authorities who have
for a number of times applied to the corresponding international
organizations, particularly the OSCE and the PACE, as well as the US
State Department with the request of forming an independent monitoring
group to observe the situation and confirm facts. Masis Mayilian
reminded that in order to prevent the access of such a group to
Karabakh the Azerbaijani party has set forth unacceptable conditions
which enabled them to confuse the international community freely. The
vice foreign minister of NKR said that hopefully the USA State
Department and the international organizations will from now on refuse
to use unverified information in their reports. “We are sure that the
activity of the groups of independent experts will enable to put an
end to the false accusations of Azerbaijan and prevent the circulation
of misinformation on the international arena,” said Masis Mayilian.