BAKU: Iran releases some Azeris detained over clashes with Armenians

Iran releases some ethnic Azeris detained over clashes with Armenians – TV

ANS TV, Baku
26 Apr 04

[Presenter] Some of our compatriots arrested over clashes in Tehran
between Iran’s Azeris and Armenians, who protested against the 1915
events in Turkey, have already been set free.

[Correspondent, over Iranian footage] Some Azeris arrested after the
Azeri-Armenian clashes in Iran have been released on bail. Ethnic
Azeris had spoken about their plans to stage protest actions outside
international organizations if the detainees were not released. The
correspondent of the Iranian TV channel Sahar-2, Novruz Purmand,
confirmed the report.

[Novruz Purmand, in Azeri] Policemen have so far been investigating
the case in which both Armenians and Azeris were involved. They had a
row. Both sides claim that some of their people were injured in the
clashes. I talked to relatives of those injured today. The policemen
are investigating the case. The injuries are not serious. The
investigation is under way.

[Passage omitted: reported details]

According to the Congress of Azerbaijanis of the World, some members
of the Azerbaijani political committee [as heard] were also
arrested. The congress sent a letter to Iranian officials today
demanding that our compatriots be immediately released and that the
Armenians, who provoked the clashes and injured our compatriots, be
immediately brought to book. The aide to the Azerbaijani ambassador to
Iran, Cavansir Vakiloglu, said that he had found out about this from
local journalists. He added he had no information about those injured
or jailed.

[Vakiloglu, on the phone] We do not have this kind of information. The
duty of the Azerbaijani embassy here is to represent our country’s
policies abroad and to implement the foreign policy tasks set by our
president. We cannot interfere in the internal affairs of our close
neighbour Iran or any other country.

[Correspondent, over video] The Iranian ambassador to Azerbaijan told
ANS that he learnt about the case from the Azerbaijani media. Ahad
Q’azai did not think that the incident was serious. Therefore he had
not got in touch with Tehran to familiarize himself with the

Leyla Hasanova, ANS.