Armenia and India to Cooperate in Information Technology


Public Television of Armenia, Yerevan
26 Apr 04

(Presenter) Only three countries in the world Ireland, Israel and
India have chosen the development path in the information technology
sphere. In 12 years India increased export volume to 13bn dollars in
this field. Armenia has also chosen high technology as the main
development path in the economy and India’s experience in this field
is valuable for our country. A cooperation agreement in this field was
reached during the Armenian president’s state visit to India. The
Indian deputy minister of information technology is in Armenia today
(26 April).

(Correspondent) India’s export volume in the information technology
sphere constituted 20m dollars in 1995, this indicator reached 13bn
dollars in 2003. According to the Indian specialists’ assessments
four years later, the export volume in the sphere of information
technology will constitute 60bn dollars annually. Indian Deputy
Minister of Information Technologies Lakshminarayanan announced that
this is based on business and government cooperation.

(Indian Deputy Minister of Information Technology Lakshminarayanan,
captioned, in Indian with Armenian voice over) The government is
preparing the programmes, creating favourable conditions for
developing information technologies.

(Correspondent) Armenia’s export volume in the field of information
technologies constitutes 50m dollars annually.

(Director of Armenian Fund “Information technology” Garegin
Chugaszyan, captioned) We had a tradition of some generations, which
India had not. And India’s scientific potential in this field has been
created later than in Armenia. These differences must also be taken
into consideration when we are comparing Armenia with India.

(Correspondent) Apart from this we have much to learn from India,
especially in the systematizing field. India is ready to render
assistance to Armenia in this field. An agreement on cooperation in
this field has been signed a year ago, during the Armenian president’s
visit to India on the bases of which are being made the first steps.