Announcement of the NKR government

Azat Artsakh – Republic of Nagorno Karabakh (NKR)
April 27, 2004


Against the background of the recent home political developments in
the capital of the republic of Armenia certain political forces and
mass media serving them try to achieve their selfish ends through
arousing adversities between the different parts of our nation. The
NKR government refuses the manipulation of the factor of Karabakh in
the home political struggle of Armenia and is of the opinion that all
those who speak with the people in that language, “play into the hands
of the enemy”. The evidence to this is that the false rumours
circulated by the same politicians and mass media immediately spread
in the Azerbaijani mass media. In particular, the rumours that the
subdivisions of the NKR police forces led by the head of the Police
Armen Isagulov allegedly participated in the April 13 events in
Yerevan, in Baghramian Street. The NKR government states that the
mentioned rumours have nothing to do with the reality and are spread
deliberately. None of the subdivisions of the NKR police left the
territory of the republic, and the entire personnel including the head
of the police continue to function in normal order. The NKR government
considers such libeling manipulations aimed at dividing the nation
unacceptable and addresses all the political forces and
representatives of the mass media to abstain from circulation of
unverified information, which may obstruct the settlement of national