Armenia and USA sign military agreement


Armenia and USA sign military agreement

18:30 2004-04-26

Armenia and the USA have signed a military agreement on rendering mutual
services, Mikhail Arutyunyan, the Head of the Command Staff and the Senior
Deputy Defense Minister of Armenia said at today’s briefing. There has been
created a legal basis, which will allow both countries to render logistic
support to each other during joint actions and military exercises on the
terms of mutual compensation, he noted. “The rights and duties stipulated in
the agreement are mutual and will allow military forces of the two states to
establish allied relations during joint actions and exercises,” Arutyunyan

In his turn, U.S. General Charles Wald, the Deputy Commander of U.S. Forces
in Europe, declared that this agreement was important for military forces of
the USA as Armenia and that cooperation between the two states was
developing in a stable way.