Tbilisi: Karabagh armed forces an example for Abkhazia

Goergian Times
April 23 2004

Karabagh armed forces – an example for Abkhazia

N. Alyev E. Alekperove. Azeri newspaper `Echo’. Baku

Media outlets again report that the separatist republics in South
Caucasus are going to establish close military cooperation with one
`Strong Abkhaz state guarantees security and human right protection
for Armenian population. This position is shared in Armenia as well.
I think Armenian political circles in Abkhazia see a geopolitical
ally in South Caucasus. I would like to underline the fact that the
outlines of cooperation and mutual understanding has been established
with the mountainous Karabkha republic,’ said Prime Minister of
breakaway Abkhazia Raul Khajimba at the session of Armenian
Abkhaz separatists have been holding close relations with the
Karabagh administration. As Afsni-press news agency reports, `the
government uses the military experience of the Karabagh military
forces.’ That manifests that the mutual cooperation would serve as a
steady basis for Armenian-Abkhaz cooperation,’ said Khajimba.

Azerbaijani does not take the similar statements at face value. Mirza
Metini, head of press-service of Azeri Foreign Ministry, said that he
had heard similar rhetoric many times before.
`The unrecognized separatist republic endeavor to draw attention of
the world community. Let’s just recall the case of Dnetre coastal
when Armenian and Dnetr separatists claimed they would assist one
another in the fight for independence. But all that is just
statements and nothing more.’

Mirza admits he can `hardly imagine how Armenian and Abkhaz
separatists can assist one another while none of them have military
potential’. He says neither Georgia nor Azerbaijan recognize the
self-proclaimed republics.

When given a similar question Ramiz Melikov, spokesman for the
Ministry of Defence of Azerbaijan, replied that the statements by the
so-called Prime Minister should not be taken serious. The mountainous
Karabagh and Abkhazia are separatist regions. International community
does not usually respond to actions of unrecognized republics.’
Azeri newspaper Eko has connected the Georgian embassy to Azerbaijan
to get comments. The embassy official stressed that neither he is
going to comment on the statements of the so-called Prime Minister
who is not recognized by a single country.

Military expert Ezeri Japarov remarked: `Lately separatist republics
have intensified relations and consultations at the level of the so
called `ministries of foreign affairs’. They continue meeting one
another and try to draw attention of international community.

The expert says their efforts are vain as none of the state
recognizes their existence. Japarov said that there cannot be any
kind of military cooperation between the breakaway regions.
Abkhazia’s and Karabgh’s armed forces are nothing but a formation of