CR: Hon. Barbara Lee on the Armenian Genocide

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of california

in the house of representatives

Thursday, April 22, 2004

Ms. LEE. Mr. Speaker, I join my colleagues in recognition of one of
the great tragedies of the 20th Century, the Armenian Genocide.
The Armenian Genocide occurred between 1915 and 1916. On April 24,
1915, it began when Armenian leaders were rounded up, deported and
murdered. One and a half million Armenians were murdered and hundreds
of thousands of others displaced and deported.
Today, we must reflect on those whose lives were taken as a result of
the Genocide. Many political leaders, scholars, and professional
organizations are becoming proactive in making sure everyone
acknowledges and remembers this devastating event to the Armenian
This genocide is another significant example of the injustice,
torture, pain, and death that grows out of intolerance, cruelty, and
There are still a great number of survivors of the genocide in
America and many of their children and grandchildren reside throughout
the country.
On this day we join them in remembering and acknowledging the heinous
act that victimized their families. If we let such atrocities be
forgotten, then we are in danger of letting them be repeated.